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Chester Be ^^ Quebec Canada  @evenko instagram


Chester Be ^^ Quebec Canada
@evenko instagram

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Vixx - 저주인형 (VOODOO DOLL)”

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 - Dye Music (Whimmy-Bam Remix)


EDIT: I’ve done a lot of editing, and while it’s not perfect, I’m proud to call it my first remix now. It’s now 3 minutes, still repetitive of course, but I’m happy with the changes.

After messing around in Audacity for a few hours, here’s 2 minutes worth of very repetitive Dye Music with some mixing around, binaural overlapping, and some reversed bits for extra creepiness.



You’re amazing and my most favorite senpai ever uvu! It’s been like 3 years ever since we met each other; and it’s a shame we don’t get to talk that much, but I really like you and appreciate you regardless <3 I hope you had a wonderful day, now, and always.


Journey cosplay, part 2