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Masatomo Nakazawa - Clip from "Jellyfish Song"


Taken from Nitro+CHiRAL’s Ustream on August 29 (#36), this a clip from the “disc version” of the Jellyfish Song that Masatomo Nakazawa sings in the anime.

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Chester Be ^^ Quebec Canada  @evenko instagram


Chester Be ^^ Quebec Canada
@evenko instagram

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Vixx - 저주인형 (VOODOO DOLL)”

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 - Dye Music (Whimmy-Bam Remix)


EDIT: I’ve done a lot of editing, and while it’s not perfect, I’m proud to call it my first remix now. It’s now 3 minutes, still repetitive of course, but I’m happy with the changes.

After messing around in Audacity for a few hours, here’s 2 minutes worth of very repetitive Dye Music with some mixing around, binaural overlapping, and some reversed bits for extra creepiness.